Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Thoughts for the Badger Herald

The Badger Herald seems to pride itself on being an unbiased, independent voice. For every quotation the College Democrats or Mayor Dave or Progressive Dane has in a news article, the College Republicans or Republican Party of Wisconsin gets a call so that an “alternative opinion” can be included. In many cases, this is unnecessary. Let’s face it: nobody cares how I feel about a College Dem endorsement or how Claire feels that the CRs had a meeting. Everyone already knows. We disagree. And yet, I still get calls at 10:30 at night asking for my thoughts on one topic or another that really has nothing to do with me or my organization.

Why is it then, with all the obnoxious political bipartisanship of the Herald, the forum on Gaza was covered wholly from one side? Why weren’t Professor Loewenstein’s insane comments countered by someone from Hillel or the Jewish Studies Department or AISEC or anybody who isn’t a obvious anti-Semite like Jennifer Loewenstein is? If reference was made to Hamas being freely and democratically elected by those in Gaza, why was there no counter-argument asking what is says about those people that they knowingly and freely elected a terrorist organization to represent them? And, God forbid, a dramatically high 80% of children in Gaza suffer from PTSD… but it’s okay for their parents to blow themselves up near Israeli schools? I'm not saying the behavior of the Israelis has been perfect but they're a heck of a lot more innocent than those throwing rockets from Gaza.

Not only does Loewenstein spew hatred while her name tarnishes the good reputation of this world-class institution, but the supposedly “better” and “independent” campus paper lets her go unchecked! When the Badger Herald writes a petty story on a widely discussed and understood topic, they make sure to talk to both political sides. When we’re talking about a serious world conflict where there is a “good” and a “bad” and most people are uneducated as to which is which, however, the Herald prints a blatantly one-sided piece as fact. Regardless on your opinion on the situation, something is wrong with that.

Bipartisanship is fine and dandy, but if you’re going to claim to do it, actually do it! Don’t just say it to look good and feel better about poor journalism. Hold yourself to that higher standard. And if you’re not going to remain unbiased, you have no business writing “news” or teaching at this university.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Women's Studies Department: Liberals Only

Once upon a time there was a black woman living in Inner City, USA--we'll call her Star. Star was a single mother who didn't have the will power to make it through on her own. She had the strength and the ability, but she chose to cheat the welfare system instead. Star had multiple abortions, no goals, and was dead weight on the back of society. Then, one morning Star woke up and realized that she was wasting her life and her talents. She got a job, got off of welfare, and started being a better mother to her children. After she got on her own two feet, nobody could stop her. Star went on to start her own non-profit organization that helped other struggling African-Americans get out of Inner City and created better lives for thousands. Not only was Star the president and founder of her own organization (which became national, by the way), but she was also a well-respected author of several books dedicated to her cause. She was a true role model who inspired thousands to get off of welfare and start living their American Dreams.

Great story, right? Exactly the kind we like to hear in the United States. It’s a story of hope and change and human triumph. It’s the kind of story we don’t hear often enough.

Unfortunately, it's not the kind of story that minority and women's groups on campus don't support.

Star Parker--the woman from the story--is a real person. Her story is true and she's going to be telling that story tomorrow (3/5) at 7:30 P.M. in 2080 Grainger.

Emails regarding this event and potential cosponsorship were sent to the Campus Womens Center, the Womens Studies Department, the Wisconsin Black Student Union, the Afro-American Studies Department, the Multicultural Student Center, and several other minority groups on campus. There are no cosponsors.

Most of the groups were non-responsive; those that were declined the invitation to support the event. Not only did the Women's Studies Department decline, but Aili Tripp, the director of the Women's Studies Research Center, responded to me that Star Parker's autobiography "does not reflect the types of objectives that [the department] would be able to support as a community of scholars."

Translation: the Women's Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin would rather have women on welfare, having abortions on the taxpayers' dime, wasting their God-given talents than out in the world thriving without the so-called help of the government. Is that really the kind of message that we should be supporting? Should the Women's Studies Department and other minority groups at this university shy away from a message just because it seems a little conservative? No. But it happens.

Personally, I take this as proof of something that I've known since I first stepped foot on this campus: groups like the Campus Women's Center, the Women's Studies Department, and the Wisconsin Black Student Union are nothing but leftist front groups. These groups get the funding that political organizations on this campus can't to spread the leftist political message. Without the funding of the UW through student segregated fees, how much funding would these groups have? Who would actually give to a group that spreads the message that minority women belong on welfare? This is a worthless and inherently untrue message from an otherwise insignificant set of organizations and for years nobody has called them on it.

Now, I'm calling you out. I challenge these groups and those who run them to show me even one event or flyer or part of their mission statement--anything, really--that is unbiased or *gasp* conservative. My guess is that they can't do it.