Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cheer up! We're not going anywhere.

We may have lost the battle this time, but the war is far from over. It's November 5 and, despite the Democrats' best efforts, we're still here.

People will tell you that this is no time to be proud to be a Republican. Such a notion is ridiculous.

I'm proud to be a Republican because I know that we're the ones who value life, liberty, and personal responsibility. Without life, we could have no liberty; without liberty, we could not keep responsibility to ourselves; without personal responsibility, we would be stripped of our freedoms. The GOP is truly the party of freedom.

Why are you proud to be a Republican? Post your answers below.


Anonymous said...

i'm proud because we support our troops! these colors don't run!

Kristen said...

I' proud because we stand up for what we believe in and don't try to silence those that oppose us!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud because we're the only group on campus doing anything for veterans day. The papers didn't even report that its today!

Jerad said...

Even worse, the following day the Herald publishes it on the fifth page behind bus rates and faculty hiring practices. Why don't we appreciate our veterans anymore? My grandfather didn't fight so the plight of veterans could be forgot. My uncles didn't fight in Vietnam so the war could be some black cat to compare Iraq to in order to debase the efforts of our veterans. My mom didn't lose a brother in Vietnam for veterans to till this day be called baby killers, and I didn't vote for a man who thinks all that is okay. I voted for John McCain, a man who knows our troops' struggles and will only bring the troops home when the war is won. The opportunity to vote for freedom makes me proud to be a republican.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be a republican because we are HOTT - nothing is sexier than someone who can stand up for their moral beliefs. duh! and we look cute in skirts :-)