Monday, February 23, 2009

Vote YES on the ASM Constitution

Believe it or not, there is an election today. A student election. About everyone's "favorite" topic: ASM. I know, I know. They did a terrible job (once again) of letting the student body know that there was even an issue, let alone an election. But that is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is: you have to vote today and you have to vote YES for the new ASM constitution. Here's why:

Voting YES for the new ASM constitution does the following:
Gives conservatives a better chance of holding prominent positions in the student government through a student body presidency

Makes it harder for liberals to raise segregates fees beyond fiscally responsible levels

Allows student government to better focus its resources on campaigns and issues that are actually relevant to students

There is a group at the UW who would have you believe that the New ASM Constitution is bad for the university. What do they mean? They mean that the new constitution allows room for a president and they're afraid that someone more moderate or conservative than they are would be elected to the position. This group is a band of far-left organizations and students, ranging from the Campus Anti-War Network to the International Socialist Organization. The group is headed by the typical leftist front kids Kyle Szarzynski and Chynna Haas. Everyone else supports it (Badger Herald and Daily Cardinal included), and YOU SHOULD TOO!

Need to know how to vote? It's really not that hard. Here's how:

3) punch in your STUDENT ID
4) pat yourself on the back because you just voted!

That's all--happy voting! Remember the online voting through ASM is up from this morning until tomorrow night but please, please, please vote early so you don't forget! And remind your friends to do the same!

For a nitty-gritty look at the new constitution, what it does, and who supports it and doesn't check out the latest post on the Critical Badger.


Anonymous said...

Why would conservatives be for a constitution that centralizes all power in the hands of one person?

Sara Mikolajczak said...

We Wouldn't. And that's why we wouldn't support one. The ASM constitution I support makes student government a more democratic body.

I don't know what you've been looking at.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about Sara? The new constitution creates a new executive who now has all the power in ASM.

Why do you think CFACT opposes this?

Your endorsement is just plain weird.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, all of your analysis is suspect at best. It seems the only reason you support the Constitution is because the far left opposes it. That's pretty awful logic.

Zach Riley-Glassman says VOTE NO said...

I wonder how many votes this post has just cost the Vote Yes cause. Taking the ASM constitution debate and framing it as "liberals vote no vs. conservatives vote yes" is detrimental to passing the constitution(1) because this campus is overwhelmingly liberal. Probably 95-98%+ of the student body lacks enough background info to make an educated decision. A random student would stumble on this blog and, by sheer statistics, think, "I'm not sure what's going on, but if the conservatives think it's wrong then baby, I don't wanna be right," and vote "No."

Damn, I wish I could see the effects.

(1) Let's ignore for a second that there are nonpartisan and conservative backers of the Vote No Coalition, so you're either intentionally misrepresenting, just ignorant of, or wilfully choosing to ignore the reality of the situation.

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with zach. you are delusional to think this helps your cause. anywho, the vote no crew won.