Monday, April 6, 2009

Army Day

It's obscene that today, on Army Day, a day on which we are supposed to be mindful of our brave men and women overseas, a day set aside specifically to honor those in the Army, that I find an article like this in the Badger Herald. I'm all about free speech and you can march whenever you darn well please, Allow me to highlight:

“A lot of people have believed the myth that war powers only belong at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,” Scoth said. “We want to bring people back to thinking of war as a local issue. This is not an issue that is about getting the right president; it’s about getting the right system.”

Supporting their efforts is a newly introduced bill by Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, which would allow the governor of the state to stop the deployment of national guardsman if he or she deems the deployment unlawful.

“This bill is to help prevent against future illegal ventures in the use of National Guardsmen by the president,” Black said.

Spencer Black, you, sir, are a jackass. President Bush made no illegal military ventures and it is FAR from the place of a governor to decide if a deployment is "unlawful". We have this little document called the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, sir, that gives the president the powers of the commander-in-chief, not some governor on an insane power-trip. You cannot support the troops without supporting their mission and you, sir, as a disgrace to your office, do neither.

I'm not saying "do it" but should you want to contact Rep. Black with regard to his attack on our soldiers and our Constitution, here's his contact info: phone ((608) 266-7521) or email (

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Jerad said...

Such behavior is so despicable. When will politicians realize that it is defense of the constitution and the country before petty ploys to cinch political popularity?