Sunday, April 5, 2009

Service Opportunities with the CRs

The next few weeks are vital in our service efforts--especially the next few days! Check out these opportunities and get involved:

We can make our voices heard and send Dane County Exec Kathleen Falk packing. She has shown her lack of commitment to Dane County by continually searching for higher positions, letting the 911 Center fall apart, failing to fix our crumbling infrastructure, and raising taxes, making it harder for businesses. Kathleen needs to get the 'Falk' out of Dane County. The more people we reach in the next few days, the more likely we are to help Nancy win. If you've got any free time at all in the next few days, please contact Jon Horne at

As Conservatives, we constantly get ridiculed for not helping with rebuilding efforts in Iraq when that couldn't be farther from the truth. If you're interested in helping to get that truth out and helping our brave men and women overseas rebuild the Iraqi school system, please come to our ICP informational meeting at 6:30 PM on Monday, April 6 (Army Day) in the Student Activity Center. Together we're going to work out all the details of the project so that we collect everything we need and more.

The time has come, once again, for the CR Relay for Life Team to start up. This year's Relay is April 17-18. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. For more information or to sign up to be on our team, please contact Lucas Moench at

If you have any questions on these projects or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Anonymous said...

sara, killing muslim kids is not a service project.

Jerad said...

I love how people post on this blog annonymously when they make false accusations. They obviously aim to discredit Sara, but they are too cowardice to use their names because perhaps they fear she and her fellow republicans are right. Perhaps when they were indoctrinated, they lost all ability to think for themselves, so now, all they can do is accuse CRs, but they can't reasonably argue their points, and thus, they leave half baked insults on the blog.

Anonymous said...

shut up jerad. she's obviously indoctrinated you to.

Jerad said...

Anonymous?!?!- How am I wrong? For once, someone needs to try a reasoned argument!!

Anonymous said...

for once sara needs to not be a bitch and you all need to stop blindly following her

Jerad said...
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Jerad said...

For the record, I was indoctrinated a long time ago. Sara shares many of my political views, but she doesn't force anyone to share her views. Why is it when republicans are vocal we are called bitches, but when democrats do the same thing it is called progressivism, compassion, or constructive criticism. Furthermore, why do democrats consider conservatives to be sexist and think that they are more respectful of women, but when a conservative woman speaks her mind she is called a bitch. Evidently, a woman is only free to speak her mind if she either has no ties to traditional femininity, and/or, she believes without question in the welfare and liberal propaganda cooked up by men exclusively. Why can't women be women while speaking their minds and taking the world by storm? Why must it be that hairry legs and bra burning are the only worthy forms of expression for women? Sometimes a beautiful woman speaking up for the conservative cause is just as much of a feminist as any woman. Why can't women truly be free to think what they want? Conservatism is not the shackles that bind women or make them termagent. Conservatism is just as worthy for women to be involved in as liberalism. Not to mention, some of the greatest crusaders for women's rights have been conservatives. Susan B. Anthony, ring a bell!!

The point is that conservative women are free and intellectual. They don't deserve to be debased to derogatory names.